Why Are Electric Bikes So Heavy?

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Technology has played a very magnificent role in our lives. One of the dominating inventions is the emergence of electric bikes. E-bikes have helped cyclists keep fit both physically and health-wise. It has made their lives easier by being less costly and eco-friendly compared to other modes of transport such as cars. However, electric bikes have the drawback factor of being so heavy.

The question to ask is, why are electric bikes so heavy? Electric bikes are more serious than ordinary bikes because of the added components and the frame; the additional components include the display screen, wiring, a control system, and, most importantly, the battery and motor. A heavier frame is significant as it makes the bike maneuver swiftly under high speeds.

This article breaks down what is behind the heavyweight, essential factors to move swiftly, and different types of e-bikes and their weights. Stay with us.

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