Bicycle History & the Evolution

Bicycle History

Bicycle history is fascinating. As a cycling fan, you may know about modern bikes, but have you ever asked yourself: how did bikes come about and how did we get to be where we are today? If you look at renderings of the first bicycles and compare them with what we have today you will … Read more

10 Benefits of Riding Bikes

Benefits of Riding Bikes

The Dutch cycle more than any other country in the world; they have understood the benefits of riding bikes. Take a moment to think about the following statistics about cycling in the Netherlands: The country has a population of 17 million people. Between them, there are 22.5 million bicycles. 25% of all Dutch people cycle … Read more

Cycling for Beginners – 10 Easy Tips

cycling for beginners

A quick look online for information on cycling for beginners is bound to leave you stumped; there are hundreds of resources and they give different types of advice on bicycling for beginners. Where do you start? It would be impossible to answer all the questions a new cyclist may have in one article. There is … Read more