Top 7 Best Electric Bikes Under $1000 – Best Cheap Electric Bikes (Updated Aug 2021)

Electric Bike

Looking for the Best Electric Bike Under $1000? Then you are in the right place! Electric bikes- or e-bikes- represent one of the fastest-growing products in the transport market. These products make cycling seamless and fun. You can haul cargo or kids more easily and arrive at your destination less tired and sweaty. However, e-bikes … Read more

Top 6 Cute Bike Helmets (Updated 2021)

Cute Bike Helmet

Today I want to talk about cute bike helmets because I realize that more and more people are choosing to get around on their bikes during the current global health crisis. Before we look at the best fashionable bike helmets that are available today, it’s worthwhile to take a moment to look at cycling during … Read more

Women’s Bike Size Chart – How to get the Right Women’s Bike Sizes(Updated 2021)

Why do you need women’s bike size chart? If you ask many women who actively use bikes to get around or for sport, you will hear an all too familiar refrain – that it took them forever to find a bike that they felt comfortable on. It is no surprise; when it comes to women’s … Read more

Best Schwinn Hybrid Bikes Reviews (UPDATED 2021)

Schwinn Hybrid Bikes Reviews

After I wrote about the Schwinn road bikes, I received some email queries from enthusiasts who wanted to know more about Schwinn hybrid bikes. Schwinn is known for its high-quality road bikes, but they also produce a range of excellent hybrid bikes. In response to those questions, I decided to focus on hybrid bikes. Here … Read more

Schwinn Wayfarer Review – Schwinn Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Wayfarer

Schwinn Wayfarer Review 2020 – Should you get it? Approximately 364000 bicycles are produced daily in the United States, according to certain research. With the huge number of bikes flooding the market each day, it’s quite daunting to find ‘a perfect one’ that has it all. However, there is one that ticks off everything you … Read more

How To Deflate A Bike Tire (Updated 2021)

How to deflate a bike tire

Is there a need to know how to deflate a bike tire? Experienced cyclists understand that part of proper bike maintenance is taking care of the tires.If the tires are not in good working condition, then the bicycle is as good as useless. One of the ways of taking care of your bike tires is … Read more

How to Put Air in Bicycle Tires (Updated 2021)

How to Put Air in Bicycle Tires

Wondering how to inflate your bicycle tires in under 10 minutes? Well, keep reading for you’re about to discover an easy step by step approach. Plus, you’ll get to learn the necessary tools needed for the exercise. Pumping a bicycle tire is a simple DIY task. It requires minimal efforts and it will only take … Read more

How to Install a Rear Derailleur

How to Install a Rear Derailleur

You’re out on the trail and suddenly your rear derailleur is not shifting through the gears as it should. Don’t summon for help just yet. If you know how to install a rear derailleur you can do it yourself in a few minutes. What is a Derailleur and Why Does it Matter? But first things … Read more

How to Tighten a Bike Chain (Updated 2021)

How to tighten a bike chain

If you use your bike regularly you will experience a loose or detached chain from time to time. It doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with the bike. With the right tools, you can quickly learn how to tighten a bike chain. A bike chain is a crucial component of any bicycle. When you pedal, … Read more

Schwinn GTX 3 Review – Shwinn Hybrid Bike

Schwinn GTX 3 Review

Schwinn GTX 3 Review (Updated 2021) Over the years, more and more people have embraced cycling into their daily regimens, whether as a recreational activity, as a workout, or as a means of transport. Research has it that in 2018, more than 47 million people in the United States aged six years and above participated … Read more

Best Schwinn Road Bikes Reviews 2021

Best Schwinn road bikes review

As you shop for the best Schwinn road bike, one question that you may still have is;- are Schwinn bikes good? Schwinn has been in the business of bike manufacturing since 1895. So, the simple answer is YES, Schwinn bicycles are good. Schwinn Road Bikes Reviews Comparison Table Schwinn Bicycles Star Rating Specification #1. Schwinn … Read more

10 Benefits of Cycling for Seniors

Benefits of Bike Riding for Seniors

Cycling for seniors is a controversial issue; experts can’t seem to agree whether it helps or hurts. Not long ago, a doctor, Michael Yaremchuk, wrote a column in which he claimed that riding bikes for seniors wasn’t a recommended activity to stay fit because they are likely to end up injured. Is this true? Not … Read more

Why E-Bikes Are Stealing the Show in the Cycling World


Change is inevitable; change is constant. Change brings us innovation. What was once a simple invention called the “hobby horse” is now one of the most popular ways of transportation and recreation. The bicycle. Loved by everyone, hated by none, but still a subject to change. Although bicycles were already fun and practical, people found … Read more

How to Select the Right Visor for Your Helmet

Bike Helmet Visor

A helmet is one of the most crucial kits for a bike owner that plays a significant role in keeping the rider safe & secure during accidents. But, all helmets are not equipped with the features that you need to stay free from danger on the road. A visor is a part of a helmet … Read more

Hub Motor Vs Mid Drive (Updated 2021)

Hub Motor Vs Mid Drive

Ebike Hub Motor Vs Mid Drive: Which is the best? The most annoying response: It depends! Electric bikes are increasingly becoming a generally accepted mode of two-wheeled electric transport for both pleasure cycling and commuting. The two most widespread electric engine styles used in electric bikes today are mid-drive and hub motors. Electric bikes that … Read more

Best Electric Bike under 2000

Best electric bike under 2000

Are you searching for the best electric bike under 2000? If yes, it implies that you’ve decided to keep fit and stay healthy. Riding a bike is amusing and entertaining to many people. Keep reading to find one that suits your budget and meets your needs. Electric bikes are in high demand. Today, they’re among … Read more

How to Remove Bike Crank Without Puller

Bike Crank

Staying active is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most people dread the treadmill and want an easier and more fun form of cardio. Cycling is probably the most loved form of cardio, and it’s fun, doesn’t hurt your knees that much, and still get you to your weight loss goals. If you have an … Read more