Top 6 Cute Bike Helmets (Updated 2021)

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Today I want to talk about cute bike helmets because I realize that more and more people are choosing to get around on their bikes during the current global health crisis. Before we look at the best fashionable bike helmets that are available today, it’s worthwhile to take a moment to look at cycling during Coronavirus, and why it’s going to remain long after the epidemic is under control.

In a recent news article, bicycles and bicycle gear are among 6 things that are topping online sales. There are two reasons for this.

The first is that many people are determined to get some daily exercise while keeping away from potential sources of infection. A bike is great for that because it provides for social distancing. When you get on your bike and head out for an hour or two you don’t come into contact with others, and you get a full-body workout.

The other reason why so many are buying bikes is that they acknowledge that going forward, the way we commute is going to change. After the Coronavirus pandemic is over, after we have found a vaccine that gives us immunity, we will remain acutely aware of the way pandemics are spread.

We now have a good understanding of what being in close quarters with others can do, and where are we in close quarters more than in transport systems?