Why E-Bikes Are Stealing the Show in the Cycling World


Change is inevitable; change is constant. Change brings us innovation. What was once a simple invention called the “hobby horse” is now one of the most popular ways of transportation and recreation. The bicycle. Loved by everyone, hated by none, but still a subject to change. Although bicycles were already fun and practical, people found … Read more

Best Electric Bike under 2000

Best electric bike under 2000

Are you searching for the best electric bike under 2000? If yes, it implies that you’ve decided to keep fit and stay healthy. Riding a bike is amusing and entertaining to many people. Keep reading to find one that suits your budget and meets your needs. Electric bikes are in high demand. Today, they’re among … Read more

How to Remove Bike Crank Without Puller

Bike Crank

Staying active is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most people dread the treadmill and want an easier and more fun form of cardio. Cycling is probably the most loved form of cardio, and it’s fun, doesn’t hurt your knees that much, and still get you to your weight loss goals. If you have an … Read more

Women’s Bike Size Chart – How to get the Right Women’s Bike Sizes(Updated 2021)

Why do you need women’s bike size chart? If you ask many women who actively use bikes to get around or for sport, you will hear an all too familiar refrain – that it took them forever to find a bike that they felt comfortable on. It is no surprise; when it comes to women’s … Read more

How to Use a Bike Pump (Updated 2021)

How to use a bike pump

A deflated tire can happen at any time, anywhere. You’ll be able to tell because it slows you down significantly. Learning how to use a bike pump is a must. It’s easy, and it’s a skill that will come in handy for the rest of your cycling days. This post takes you through a step-by-step … Read more