Giro Switchblade Review – Giro Switchblade MIPS (Updated 2021)

Giro Switchblade review

If you are still uncertain about the right mountain bike helmet to get, this in-depth Giro Switchblade Review will certainly come in handy. Mountain biking is one of the most popular extreme sporting activities across the globe. However, this sport, especially downhill mountain biking, significantly exposes one to the risk of getting injured. According to … Read more

Giro Hex Review Updated 2022 – Giro Bike Helmet

Giro Hex Review

Giro Hex Review Updated 2020  Research has it that head injury is the leading cause of death and severe disability in bike-related injuries. While helmets do not guarantee 100% protection, they reduce the risk of sustaining severe head injuries by a considerable percentage in the event of an accident. With the extensive range of helmets … Read more

Best Schwinn Road Bikes Reviews 2022

Best Schwinn road bikes review

As you shop for the best Schwinn road bike, one question that you may still have is;- are Schwinn bikes good? Schwinn has been in the business of bike manufacturing since 1895. So, the simple answer is YES, Schwinn bicycles are good. Schwinn Road Bikes Reviews Comparison Table Schwinn Bicycles Star Rating Specification #1. Schwinn … Read more

Giro Synthe Review 2022 – Giro Bike Helmet

With the substantial number of helmets flooding the market today, it is quite challenging to find the perfect one, especially if you are an all-around cyclist. But there is one helmet that has been designed to do it all; the Giro Synthe helmet. If you are a UCI world tour fan, you probably have seen … Read more