4 Good Reasons To Organize A Poker Run

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A poker run is a game, where competitors cycle or motorcycle to five stops to pick up cards that will eventually complete a hand. They then have a chance to exchange cards, and the player with the best hand wins. It is more down to chance than typical poker games, but provides an opportunity to get outdoors, get those joints and muscles moving, and bond with friends.

So with all that in mind, here are our 4 good reasons to organize a poker run.

Socialize with Friends

A poker run is a social activity that can be made up of a great range of friends and associates. It’s a great opportunity to go on a trip with pals, and is one of those great games where the journey is as important as the eventual winner. The great thing about the excursion is that there is no upper limit to the number of players who can take part. In 2009, an event set the Guinness World Record, when 2,136 motorcyclists played to benefit the Fallen Firefighter Survivors Foundation. Of course, you don’t need quite as many players to enjoy a poker run. Simply go with a few friends, before heading out together for drinks (or something healthier) afterwards.

Good Exercise

Speaking of healthier, a poker run can be great for the lungs and limbs. While many players embark on a poker run with motorcycles, it is also common for competitors to go by bicycle. It’s a healthy way to travel and play, and you’ll feel fitter (or more tired) with every round. At the end of the circuit, whether or not you’ve won, you’ll feel like you’ve really achieved something. And who knows: perhaps a scheduled poker run will make for a final push in your decision to buy a beginner road bike to participate. A poker run might just inspire more cycling in your entire community.

It’s Simple

The truth is: you don’t have to be a poker expert to get going. In-depth poker knowledge is not needed. According to a beginners’ poker guide, the rules of five card draw require that five cards be dealt to each player. Then, after a betting round, each player gets one chance to turn in as many cards as they wish for replacements. Then, the cards are compared, and the one holding the most valuable hand is declared the winner. This way, everyone can join in the fun, even if you are a beginner poker player and an amateur cyclist.


A poker run makes for an ideal fundraising game. The aforementioned record-breaking game was for the Fallen Firefighter Survivors Foundation, and many such games are organized to support worthy causes. Cycling long distances will make for quite an achievement – perhaps one to which friends in the community will be willing to donate. There are countless charities and good causes for which to raise cash, and a fundraiser will raise the level of good will in the community. And you can also get the seniors involved in your community too as it has many benefits for their wellbeing. So, get cycling, get collecting…and – with luck – get winning.

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